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Crank Punk Coaching Systems (CPCS) is proud to announce that Lee Rodgers (aka CrankPunk) is the official coach of the 2014 GENCO Mongolia Bike Challenge!

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Sign up for our special deal and you’ll receive the unique CPCS GENCO MBC training package, specifically designed and tailored to suit your individual needs by Lee himself. 

For further details and payment information, please contact Lee directly at leerodgers101@gmx.com, or use the ‘Contact’ form at the top of this page.

Lee racing in Holland against the top road riders in the world

Lee racing in Holland against the top road riders in the world

On offer are both a 6-month and 3-month coaching package.

This special offer brings you the CPCS GENCO MBC 3-Month Training Package for just 330 Euro (valued at 450 Euro) when purchased together with the GENCO MBC entry.

The 6-Month Training Package is offered for just 620 Euro (valued at 750 Euro) when purchased together with the GENCO MBC event entry.

Working alongside Lee is none other that 2013 GENCO MBC men’s winner and former Canadian 24 Hour champion Cory Wallace, who will be bringing his own personal insight to bear and will be offering professional nutritional advice to all clients that come on board.

Cory Wallace

Cory Wallace

CPCS is thrilled also to announce that its very first client for the special GENCO MBC training plan is none other than Willy Mulonia, Race Director and founder of the Mongolia Bike Challenge, which is run by Willy’s company, Projecting Adventure Cyclism.

Exciting stuff!

Willy Mulonia

Willy Mulonia

So, if you’re aim is not only to get on the start line for the GENCO Mongolia Bike Challenge but to do so in the best possible condition you can, look no further than right here.

Click in, and crank on!

Lee and Cory prepare for the Taiwan KOM Challenge

Lee and Cory prepare for the Taiwan KOM Challenge

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The GENCO MBC 2013: My Story

all images by Erik Peterson unless stated.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 下午9.01.31

He was the last to arrive, bedraggled and leathered, haggard and weathered, skin red where it had been exposed and almost ghost-white everywhere else, lips cracked and eyes shot with fine, wayward lines of blood. Had it not been for the lycra you’d have guessed he’d spent the past 5 days at sea, battered at night from raging waves and scorched in the daytime by the fiercest sun.

Last he may have been but he rode into camp that penultimate day not as a pauper but as a king, like a man who had crossed a desert, forded rivers and ascended to the heavens. Which, of course, he had. The camp, most already showered and fed long before, watched the blurred silhouette on the horizon grow until it became a man on a bike, then whooped and hollered as he crossed the line with an exhausted one-armed salute to his tribe.

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